Baby vervet monkey Alice came to us just a few weeks into life after her mother was killed for bushmeat.
No baby animal should be on its own. But World Monkey Day is a great time to make a difference to the lives of orphaned primates like Alice.

Thankfully, our team is braced for this time of year, when we care for a range of orphaned animals. At Lilongwe Wildlife Centre we’re currently looking after orphaned vervets, baboons, owls, hyenas, mongooses, duikers, and more!
We’re working hard to give Alice the care she needs and we’re hopeful that she’ll be integrated into a troop and eventually released back into the wild – where she belongs.

But we need your help now. Our resources are always stretched thin during ‘orphan season’ as we work around the clock to make sure these animals receive the care they need to survive.
Your support will help Alice and other infant animals overcome their traumatic start in life.
£15 could buy ten days’ worth of antibiotics for sick and injured orphans.

£25 could support two weeks of care for an orphaned monkey like Alice, including health checks, food and enrichment items to help them learn vital foraging skills.

£50 could pay for enough milk supplies for the orphans in our care for a whole week.

£100 could buy a heat lamp to keep infant animals warm during critical periods of rehabilitation.

£500 could cover food costs for all animals in our care for a week.
Throughout December we need to raise money for the orphaned wildlife we receive at this time of year. Your support makes a real difference to what we can achieve for these animals.
Thank you, {{ insert first_name 'default=so much' }}, for making our work possible.
Kondwani Kusakala
Deputy Head of Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation


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