Orphan appeal

Help us save orphaned animals

Orphan season is one of the busiest times of the year for our team at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, when we receive a large number of abandoned or orphaned infants that need high levels of support and around-the-clock care. Running from November to March, it coincides with both the vervet monkey birthing season and Malawi’s rainy season, when vegetation and food are plentiful. 

We received more animals in 2021 than we have in any year before. And with orphan season well underway, we urgently need donations to help us buy food and medicine and to provide rehabilitation so that these animals have a second chance at life. Animals such as Dzuwa (below), who was rescued from the illegal pet trade. Thankfully, Dzuwa is now safe in our care and will be given every chance to be released back into the wild, where he belongs.

Not all the orphans we’ve received recently are monkeys. Leo and Milo are seven-month-old hyenas who came to us as tiny cubs after their mum was chased away from their den and never returned. 

They’re settling in really well with us – enjoying time together and curious to explore their new environment. They’re growing fast as well, along with their appetites! 

Please help us give animals like Dzuwa, Leo and Milo another chance at life in the wild, where they belong.


£5 could pay for a TB test for a rescued monkey to make sure it is healthy enough to be integrated into a troop.

£15 could buy ten days’ worth of antibiotics to treat sick and injured orphans.

£25 could support two weeks of care for an orphaned monkey, including health checks, food and enrichment items to help them learn vital foraging skills.

£50 could feed Leo and Milo for one week – for now!

£100 could buy a heat lamp to keep infant animals warm during critical periods of rehabilitation.

£500 could cover food costs for all wildlife residents for one week.