Nyenyezi is a tiny hyena cub. She came to us just a few weeks old after she’d been found frightened and alone in the middle of a field – her parents killed or chased away.
No baby animal should be on its own. It was heart-breaking to hear Nyenyezi (‘Star’ in Chichewa) crying and calling for her clan when she first arrived at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.
Thankfully, our team is braced for this time of year, when we receive lots of helpless orphans. We’re working hard to give Nyenyezi the comfort she needs and we’re hopeful that, when she’s bigger, she’ll be able to join our two other rescued hyenas – and finally have a family of her own. 

But we need your help now. Our resources are always stretched thin during 'orphan season' as we work around-the-clock – and we're already receiving calls about other abandoned animals.
Your support will help us give Nyenyezi and other babies the care they need to overcome their traumatic start in life.
£25 could cover Nyenyezi's next round of vaccinations 
£50 could support a week of care for Nyenyezi, including health checks, food and enrichment items 
£100 could buy a heat lamp to keep other infant animals warm during critical periods of rehabilitation 
£250 could pay for the adjustments needed to make our hyena enclosure appropriate for Nyenyezi
Throughout the next few months, we'll receive many more orphans like Nyenyezi needing intensive care to survive. This December, we’re aiming to raise enough money to care for them all. Without your support, we won’t be able to look after all the animals who need rescuing.

Will you make a donation today to help orphaned animals?
Thank you for giving orphaned wild animals another chance at life.
Kondwani Kusakala
Deputy Head of Animal Care and Rehabilitation
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