The kingpin of one of Southern Africa’s most prolific wildlife trafficking syndicates was sentenced yesterday to 14 years in prison in Malawi. Yunhua Lin, the head of the ‘Lin-Zhang gang’ which has been operating out of Malawi for at least a decade, was convicted for dealing in rhino horn, possession of rhino horn and money laundering. 

Lin was arrested in 2019 following a three-month manhunt. His sentencing brings the total of Lin-Zhang gang members sent to prison to 14 – sentenced for a variety of offences related to the possession of firearms and protected or listed species, including pangolins, rhino horns, hippo teeth and elephant ivory. 

Hon. Chilenga, Chair of the Parliamentary Natural Resource Committee and co-chair of the Malawi Parliamentary Conservation Caucus, said: “Just five years ago, anyone convicted of wildlife crime in Malawi could expect a $50 fine and a slap on the wrist. Today, the leader of one of the region’s most prolific wildlife trafficking syndicates has just been sent to jail for 14 years. This is the highest such sentence ever handed out to a non-African national for wildlife crime. Let this serve as a warning to those who think they can exploit our nation’s natural heritage. Congratulations go to all agencies involved – they have shown Malawi’s capabilities in fighting serious organised crime.”
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Calling all photographers – amateur and professional alike! The Association of Environmental Journalists in Malawi and its partners are running a photo competition documenting Malawi’s deepening deforestation crisis.​

There are over 30 prizes and the winning photos will be featured in a collaborative photo essay and public exhibition in Lilongwe.
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We hear a lot about the conservation of animals, but what about the conservation of plants? For those in London on 9 November, don’t miss The Nyika-Vwaza Trust’s annual event – it promises to be a lively evening!

Jonathan Timberlake will offer ‘A Botanist’s Take on Conservation', highlighting conservation dilemmas from his perspective as a botanist and ecologist – followed by an open debate and an opportunity to network and learn more about The Nyika-Vwaza Trust’s wonderful work.
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Malawi's borders are now open to all visitors! Whether you're a budding conservationist, a vet student or a simply a wildlife enthusiast, our placement programme has something special for you. 

Get in touch to find out more about our sanctuary experiences, veterinary medicine courses, vet externships and wildlife monitoring projects.
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Explore this interactive story to learn how viruses jumping from animals to humans can lead to global pandemics. Read more.

Join Internet of Elephants to discuss the power of games as a storytelling medium, and how we turn real science data into compelling experiences. Sign up for tomorrow's webinar.
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