Tracking wildlife in the heavy rainy season isn't easy, but patience pays off - as our monitoring team found out when they recently spotted the newest arrivals to the Chinguni lion pride in Liwonde National Park! 

In others news, we're pleased to report that Malawi has recently been awarded the 'Safe Travels' stamp of approval by the World Travel & Tourism Council, which means it meets global standards in health and safety in relation to COVID-19. Of course this doesn't mean that the risk has disappeared, but hopefully it will give travellers renewed confidence in visiting the 'Warm Heart' of Africa. 

As such, there's no better time to book a placement with our team! Why not check out our programmes for veterinary medicine, sanctuary work, wildlife monitoring and more. 
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Exciting news from our monitoring team in Liwonde National Park as new lion cubs are identified in the Chinguni Pride! We've been working hard to confirm successful breeding in this pride after witnessing multiple mating events and, after a lot of patience, we were lucky enough to catch a quick sighting of mum and three cubs. These little ones will soon be introduced to the rest of the pride to learn crucial life skills.
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Huge thanks to the rangers, guides and wildlife enthusiasts who have been reporting sightings of the vultures we tagged as part of our new research project back in November 2020. Data from these reports is shedding light on how vultures use the mosaic of parks and wildlife reserves in Malawi's Southern Region. Excitingly, one bird was spotted in Chisamba, Zambia - 780km away from where it was originally tagged! 
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Great news! Malawi has received the 'Safe Travels' certification from the World Travel & Tourism Council in recognition of its new national health and safety protocols for tourism. The stamp - which has the backing of the UN World Tourism Organisation - is the world's first global safety and hygiene measure for travel and tourism, designed specifically to address COVID-19 and similar outbreaks.
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Our vet externships, vet medicine courses, wildlife monitoring and sanctuary placements will help you learn new skills, meet like-minded people and gain experiences that will further your studies and/or professional career. Email or take a look at our website to find an opportunity that's right for you!
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The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species recently listed African savannah elephants as endangered and forest elephants as critically endangered, further highlighting the huge threats facing these animals. Read more.

"A vaccine alone will not tip the balance toward health because COVID19 is not a disease; it is a symptom of an exhausted planet." Read more.
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