Just a few weeks into life, this tiny vervet monkey arrived at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. The authorities had received a tip-off that two adult female vervets had been killed and eaten, and their babies were being hidden to sell into the illegal pet trade.

Fortunately, a village chief helped government scouts find one of the babies – Biscuit – and bring her to our Centre. The other was never found.
Support orphans like Biscuit
Meet Lulu. She's one of our most experienced foster mums, and Biscuit is now safe in her care. Lulu will help her develop the skills she needs to survive once she's old enough to be released back into the wild.

Orphan season runs from November to March, coinciding with the vervet birthing season and Malawi's rains. During this period we receive an influx of infants that need intensive levels of support and around-the-clock care.

The babies we receive are usually frightened, disoriented and malnourished, so our first priority is to make sure they are fed, hydrated and warm – as well as providing any urgent medical treatment. After that our team is on hand to feeds the babies every two hours. This level of care places a significant burden on our team, but it's deeply rewarding to see a traumatised infant grow in strength and confidence. 
We urgently need donations to care for the orphaned animals arriving at our Centre. This support helps to purchase essentials such as food and medicine, and to provide rehabilitation so that orphans like Biscuit have a second chance at life in the wild.
£5 could pay for a TB test for a rescued monkey to make sure it is healthy enough to be integrated into a troop.
£15 could buy ten days' worth of antibiotics to treat sick and injured orphans.
£25 could support two weeks of care for an orphaned monkey, including health checks, food and enrichment items to help them learn vital foraging skills.
£50 could pay for enough milk supplies for the orphans in our care for one week.
£100 could buy a heat lamp to keep infant animals warm during critical periods of rehabilitation.
£500 could cover food costs for all of our wildlife residents for one week.
With your help, we can make sure orphaned animals at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre receive the care they need.

Will you make a donation today to help them?
Yes, I'll help care for rescued orphans
Thank you.

P.S. This request is urgent, so please do not wait. The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary so there is nowhere else for orphaned animals to go. Please donate today to help care for them.
Dr. Amanda Salb
Head Veterinarian
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