Rescue & veterinary services


As Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary our services are in high demand.   Our intakes come in all shapes and sizes, from serval kittens and monkeys confiscated from wildlife smugglers and roadside sellers to injured porcupines, owls and monitor lizards.   We have a full time vet, a fully equipped vet clinic and an orphan care centre meaning that we can handle most cases on site.

Our Wildlife Emergency Response Unit also offers nationwide rescue services, supporting wild animals in distress across the country – read more here

Wherever possible we try to minimise an animal’s time in captivity and keep them in the wild where they belong. This is where our mobile veterinary and emergency response service comes in and is especially helpful for large animals such as snared rhino or zebra.  We also offer in-situ support for orphan care of large animals, thus reducing risks associated with movement/unfamiliar surroundings etc. and giving them the best chance of survival for the future.

We are fully affiliated with the Department of Parks & Wildlife and the police, therefore allowing us to act on cases of illegal captivity of wild animals – read more about our role in law enforcement here.

We always prioritise Malawian wildlife but we have also taken in some international relocations in partnership with leading international wildlife charities on welfare grounds.  These animals are always species that would have originated from this region of Africa and have been rescued from captivity (e.g. circuses, zoos or private collectors). In each case we have been able to offer sanctuary space in large enclosures to give them a better quality of life.

If you come across an orphaned or injured wild animal in Malawi or know of a case of wildlife captivity or cruelty the please get in touch via our hotline – 0884488 999.

2011 2012 2013
Residents (start of year) 151 186 189
Rescues 56 43 Figurescomingsoon
Births 16 13
Deaths 20 14
Releases 17 39
Residents (year end) 186 189