This 7-day course is perfect for those looking for an intensive introduction to wildlife rehabilitation, led by Rehabilitation Manager, Alma van Dorenmalen, and supported by Head Veterinarian, Dr Amanda Salb.

DATES: June 18-24, 2019; August 13-20, 2019.

LOCATION: Lilongwe Wildlife Centre and Kuti or Vwaza



General: Introduction to wildlife rehabilitation and the work of the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, including the role of law enforcement and wildlife advocacy to combat illegal wildlife trade.

Rehabilitation techniques: Intake and stabilisation, principles of good orphan care, resocialisation techniques, enclosure requirements and assessment, the role/importance of good nutrition in rehabilitation, and feeding techniques.

Animal behaviour: Introduction to animal behaviour, animal welfare considerations in rehabilitation, animal monitoring, behavioural observations, and behavioural enrichment

Veterinary care: Zoonoses, personal hygiene and safety, preventative medicine, parasitology and fecal examination, primate diseases, medicating wildlife, animal capture and restraint, animal health checks, body condition score.

Wildlife release: Criteria for responsible release, release techniques, habitat survey, animal tracking and population surveys.