Wildlife Emergency Response Unit appeal

Our Wildlife Emergency Response Unit works tirelessly to reach injured animals – but more help is needed.

Wherever a wild animal needs a vet, our Wildlife Emergency Response Unit (WERU) is there to respond – whether it’s to dart an elephant and remove a poacher’s snare or collar a lion so park management can monitor its movements.

Working with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, WERU is a fully mobile veterinary service, capable of rapid response to wildlife emergencies across Malawi. Emergencies like removing a life-threatening snare from an elephant and treating the wound before it’s too late. We are now asking for your help to continue this life-saving work and reach more animals in distress.

Snare wires are typically used by poachers to catch small animals, usually for illegal bushmeat. Many species are inadvertently affected by these dangerous traps when they stand in them or forage on the ground. Left unnoticed, snares like these can cut into the flesh and cause serious damage to the animal’s muscle, deeper tissues and bone, often leading to fatalities, not to mention great pain and distress.

Please help us to prevent the unnecessary suffering of wild animals and help save endangered species.


Your gift of £25 could purchase the disinfectant and antibiotics needed to treat a wild animal’s gunshot wound.

Your gift of £50 could help our team treat a critically ill zebra.

Your gift of £100 could remove a life-threatening poacher’s snare from an elephant and treat the wound.

Your gift of £250 could safely relocate a hyena from a potentially dangerous encounter with humans.

Your gift of £500 could get an X-ray machine to a field location, helping us to treat a deep infection more effectively.