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Anyone over 18 years old with a passion for wildlife and a good work ethic! Experience is not necessary as we provide full on-the-job training, but individuals who would like to apply their specific skills e.g. teachers, marketing, animal care assistants etc. are also very welcome. We also offer specialized placements for research students and vets, vet nurses and vet students.


We tailor the programme to the individual, meaning we get as much out of your placement as we do. Most choose to focus on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, where there is the greatest demand for volunteers, but you are welcome to spent part or all of your time on other LWT projects.

1) Wildlife rescue & rehabilitation

LWT’s Wildlife Centre is Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary, with 126 rescues and 220 animals under rehabilitation last year. A total of 45 animals were released. Volunteers are critical across all areas of the rescue and rehabilitation process, from orphan care and animal husbandry (feeding, cleaning etc) to integrations, observations and re-introductions.

The Wildlife Centre is also accredited by the world’s top welfare and conservation organisations and as a result has become one of the most respected sanctuaries in Africa, meaning you can also have confidence that you will be learning ‘best practice’ during your time with us. As with all good sanctuaries, we operate a strict hands-off policy – there is no walking with lions or gratuitous monkey cuddling! That said, orphans in particular need special attention and round the clock care to ensure that they have the best possible chance of rehabilitation, so you may well be stepping in with surrogacy work and providing all aspects of care in those early days.  Where possible we also allow volunteers to take part in supporting the veterinary team. Our goal is to release animals back into the wild for every case possible so it can be an incredibly rewarding experience to see their progress and know that you have played a vital part in their journey back to the wild.

You may also be interested in combining a placement with our wildlife rehabilitation course.

2) Education & community outreach

Volunteers can get involved in developing education materials, helping out at events like our Wildlife Quiz Championships or helping to deliver the programmes to children both at the Wildlife Centre or in the classrooms in the local communities. The community outreach team, working on the adult literacy, fuel briquette and tree planting, also welcome volunteers.

3) Communications & campaigns

One of LWT’s remits is to raise awareness about conservation within Malawi, and draw attention to Malawi’s conservation efforts internationally. You can read about our award winning campaigns here. Anyone with PR, copywriting, film making, campaigns or advocacy experience would be very welcome.

4) Research

Coming soon.


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No. weeks 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
GBP  £1,306  £1,691   £2,130  £2,453  £2,745  £3,028  £3,283  £3,529  £3,744  £3,951  £4,144
USD  $1,695  $2,195  $2,765  $3,184  $3,563  $3,931  $4,262  $4581  $4,860  $5,129  $5,380

All of the money raised through our volunteer programme, after costs, goes directly into the Wildlife Centre and its associated projects – without you the Wildlife Centre would not be able to continue to operate! Your donation means that we can continue to take in animals, feed and provide the essential medical care that they need, and pay local wages.


If you’re interested in joining us please email lilongwewildlife@gmail.com or send us an enquiry here and we’ll email you an enquiry pack and application form.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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