We have teamed up with Timveni TV to produce four TV episodes based on our environmental education modules. They are aimed at Malawi’s youth and each one focuses on current wildlife and environmental issues that are affecting the country in the hope of encouraging the protection of Malawi’s wildlife and natural resources by inspiring people to see the benefits of such actions.

The first epsiode, ‘A Wildlife Hospital’, is about the rescue of wild animals at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre and the reasons behind their arrival at the Centre. It is airing on National TV now and response so far has been very positive. The next three episodes are soon to follow.

A copy of the DVD is available on request: if you are interested please email kat@lilongwewildlife.org

A big thanks to Timveni TV for helping to produce them and to Tusk Trust who have provided us with the necessary funding.

Episode 1: A Wildlife Hospital
Episode 2: Wildlife Crime
Episode 3: Jobs In Wildlife
Episode 4: Deforestation