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If you would like to support a certain area of Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s work, how about making a symbolic donation towards a specific project? Your gift will include a digital personalised certificate, information on LWT’s work, a copy of our latest Annual Report and a year’s subscription to our e-newsletter. We’ve chosen 21 different donations of between $20 and $500 that you can put towards saving wildlife, fighting wildlife crime or empowering communities, as shown below.






Feed an orphan monkey for a month
Provide posters for a border post or target community
Plant 4 trees in a local community
Fund a health check
Support a law enforcer to attend a wildlife crime workshop
Provide printed materials for a class of 50
Fund a uniform for an animal carer
Fund a journalist to investigate a wildlife crime case
Sponsor an adult literacy student
Fund a month’s vet supplies for WERU
Buy a beehive
De-snare an elephant
Support a court monitor to cover a wildlife crime case
Sponsor a school’s Wildlife Club activities for a year
Help a primate back to the wild
Fund a law enforcement workshop
Buy a laptop for an educator
Buy a release collar
Support a covert operation
Fund a pedal power cinema roadshow


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