Adopting an animal is a fantastic way to support the work at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary.

An adoption makes a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, and also makes a real difference for wildlife. All of your donation goes directly towards our animal welfare and rehabilitation work. With the exception of the dog unit, the animals available for adoption are currently being cared for at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre after being rescued, injured or orphaned. 

After making an adoption you will be emailed a receipt and personalised certificate with a biography of your chosen animal – and we’ll send you updates with photos throughout the year.

To symbolically adopt an animal please fill out the form below, selecting which you would like to sponsor. If you’d like your certificate to contain a personal message (if it’s a gift, for example) or you’d like the name on the certificate to be different from your own, please tick ‘Write us a comment’ on the form and enter the details in the comment box.

If you’ve any questions, just send us an email:

Detection Dogs

Max, Tim, Nikita and Dana are the amazing canines that make up Malawi’s Wildlife Detection Dog Unit.

Pretzel's troop

This troop is mostly younger baboons rescued from the illegal pet trade – some will likely live out their days with us.


The Centre regularly rehabilitates and releases pangolins confiscated from wildlife traffickers.

Leo & Milo

Meet Leo and Milo, two hyena cubs who came to us after their mother was chased away from their den.