Adopt Usiku

Usiku the hyaena cub

Usiku was born from one of the three adult hyaena females that were temporarily housed at our centre as part of a relocation programme. The birth of Usiku came as a surprise to everyone, just one week before the planned release. Although Usiku was nursed well by his mother during the first few days, for unknown reasons his mother abandoned him two days prior to the release so we stepped in. As it was very unlikely that the mother would take care of Usiku once released, it was decided to initially care for him at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.

A few months down the line Usiku is continuing to grow into his spots and is quickly developing into a strong and confident teenager. A small team of carefully trained staff are giving him the necessary daily care. Besides his milk, Usiku has started to enjoy the taste of real meat which is hidden in his enclosure in various spots every day to keep him busy.

Usiku makes a very special adoption candidate as we are imminently looking for a new home for Usiku, so your donation will go towards his relocation!

Want to adopt Usiku?

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