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Sprog being integrated with last years orphan, Bumi

Sprog the vervet monkey

Sprog was brought to us in mid-September after he was picked up by a local resident who spotted him being sold at the side of the road in town. This is despite it is illegal to buy/sell/keep/kill/eat any wild animal in Malawi. He was severely dehydrated, the worst we have seen in recent times, so our vet set to work immediately giving him fluids and trying him with milk and some soft banana. He also had obvious respiratory problems, most likely due to being malnourished and poorly kept, so he was given some antibiotics. It was a tense couple of days, as being as dehydrated as he was there was no telling whether he was going to make it. However, after some care from our team and TLC from our volunteers he brightened up really well within just a few days and we started to see the playful and lively monkey in him come out!

So, after a few weeks with interaction from our volunteers he has now been introduced to some fellow vervet monkeys – Target (our very best and well experienced foster mum) and Bumi, an orphan that came in earlier this year and has been fostered by Target for a while. It’s early days but the integration of Sprog with this pair is going very well! Target has taken to him splendidly, but it’s Bumi who’s the shining star….she’s acting like a protective big sister to Sprog and showing him the ropes, grooming him, proving to be a great play-mate, and generally keeping an eye on him making sure he’s ok and settling in.

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