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Max the blue monkey

Max was brought to the centre in 2011 completely traumatised. He was being used as entertainment in bars/clubs in the Nkhata Bay area, near the lake. Because of the awful treatment he endured he needed a great deal of attention and it took a while to calm him down and bring his confidence up. However, after this initial period Max really found his feet and turned into a lively little character!

There are four other blue monkeys here at LWC and at the time the group were having problems with the newest arrival, Maggie – unfortunately, the existing three weren’t taking to her very well. Luckily, Max turned this around. The entire group took to Max immediately with his playful behaviour and cheeky tricks, and because he had bonded with Maggie, the rest of the group decided to accept her too. The five of them are now a great little team and, as Max still loves a trick or two, he can often be found winding the others up!

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