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Hugo the baboon

Poor Hugo was taken from his mother at a very early age. After being kept as a pet in the Salima district for some months, his owners realised that baboons don’t actually make very good pets and tried to sell him on in Lilongwe. He was eventually confiscated from the seller and handed into Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in August 2014. He is now going through a lengthy integration process with our troop of yellow baboons to make sure that he is fully accepted by the existing members so he has lots of baboon buddies to play with.

At the moment we are unsure if/when Hugo can be returned to the wild as primate troops are notoriously difficult to rehabilitate to a releasable stage. It’s a long process and each member must be fully prepared for independent life. It’s something that could be in the pipeline for Hugo, but at the moment he still needs plenty of care and nourishment from us at the centre. You can support Hugo during his time at the centre by adopting him today.

Want to adopt Hugo?

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