Adopting an animal is a fantastic way to support our work at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary.

All of the animals available for adoption are currently being cared for at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre after being rescued, injured, or orphaned. You can read more about their stories below.

To adopt an animal we ask for a donation of £25 for one year. You also have the option of making an ongoing adoption by ticking the box in the form below. All of your donation will go towards our animal welfare and rehabilitation work.

An adoption makes a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, and also makes a real difference for wildlife.

After making an adoption you will receive a receipt and personalised certificate with a biography of your chosen animal within 7 days as well as updates and photos throughout the year.

Our adoption certificates are sent via email to help conserve the environment and to ensure that the whole of your donation goes towards our care and rehabilitation work.

To make an adoption simply fill out the form below. If you have any question please send an email to

Adopt Fox The Yellow Baboon

Adopt Fox

Fox arrived at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre on the 26th of July 2018, having been found a couple of days previously by an observant person in Nkhata Bay. The rescuer noticed that Fox had been left at the side of a busy road, crying and scared. Surprised to see the young animal on its own and keen to help, he picked Fox up and kindly took care of him for 24 hours before we took him into our care at the Wildlife Centre. The rescuer made a wise decision to not keep Fox. Not only is keeping wildlife without a permit granted by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife an official crime, baboons and other primates should not be considered as being pets. Fox is very young and required 24-hour care for his first couple of weeks with us. Settling in, he then began to sleep for longer periods of time without waking throughout the night. Fox will eventually consume over $300 of milk in the coming year before he is old enough to be weaned. It will then be another 3 to 5 years before he can be released back into the wild. He has a long journey to go!

Adopt Kumbali The Vervet

Adopt Kumbali

Kumbali was rescued on the 20th of July 2018 near Kumbali Lodge in Lilongwe. Unfortunately, his troop, including his mother, had been seen leaving the area, leaving Kumbali alone. It was getting cold and he was crying out, so our Board of Trustee member Bev Trataris kindly drove him to the Wildlife Centre. At only a couple of days old, he needed 24-hour care. His temperature had dropped to 35 degrees so he was kept against the bodies of our veterinary team throughout the night to keep him warm. We are happy to say that Kumbali stabilised and has now been integrated with his new foster mother, Target. We are hoping that he will grow up healthy and can be released into a new troop at LWC once he is ready.

Adopt Bushdog and Sheila THE CROCODILES

Adopt Bushdog and Sheila

Bushdog and Sheila are African Nile Crocodiles. Bushdog is a male and Sheila is a female. They have been long-term residents of the Wildlife Centre since it opened in 2007. Bushdog was born in 1995. He started life in a crocodile farm in Nkhotakota before becoming a zoo animal at the old Lilongwe Zoo across the road. When the Wildlife Centre opened this zoo was closed and its resident animals were transferred. Bushdog was the last resident to be rescued, moving into his new, much larger enclosure. Sheila was rescued from a similar zoo situation at Mua Mission, where she stayed in a tiny enclosure for human entertainment. We are not sure how old she is. Neither Bushdog or Sheila can be released back into the wild as they have been in captivity for too long and have been fed by humans for their whole lives. This means that they have no fear for humans and so would be very likely to cause human-wildlife conflict if released back into the wild. Bushdog and Sheila enjoy each other’s company in our sanctuary, spending their time sunbathing and cooling off in their pool.


Adopt Frank

Frank was taken from the wild and held up to passing people and cars for sale when concerned passerbys reported it to the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust. With the help of scouts from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Frank was confiscated from the roadside and brought to the Wildlife Centre for emergency treatment. He was only a month old when he arrived Centre in November 2015 during orphan season (Nov-Feb), the time of the year when babies are most commonly traded. He was in extremely bad shape, malnourished and very badly dehydrated. He could barely stand, and when he did for seconds, he would collapse to the ground, choosing to lie flat and still whenever he could. At first, it seemed his chances of survival were slim, but with vigilant attention and care for his medical needs, and constant nurturing by his human surrogates, Frank survived and began to thrive. A month after Frank's arrival, one year-old Gaia, another blue monkey, was rescued from similar circumstances. Gaia was also confiscated from the roadside by DNPW, but arrived in a much better state of health than Frank. Because both individuals were of the same species, they were able to be integrated with each other and learn to play, feed and socialise together. Frank became a healthy and playful young Blue Monkey and along with Gaia has been integrated into the Wildlife Centre’s resident troop of Blue Monkeys, in a large enclosure. Here they will learn to form a stable troop with our other rescued Blue Monkey’s and have the chance at being released back into the wild sometime in the future.

Adopt Spotty The Owl

Adopt Spotty

Spotty came to the Wildlife Centre on 31 July 2015 after being found on the road in Lilongwe. A friend of the centre noticed that he could not fly and that there were dogs around in that area. They were worried that he would be eaten or killed by a car and so brought him to our sanctuary for assistance. On closer inspection by our veterinarian it was discovered that Spotty has deformities in the bone structure in his wing and had a broken collar bone. These injuries make him unable to coordinate his wings and to have a stable flight. Unfortunately, we have been unable to mend this injury and so Spotty remains at the Wildlife Centre where he can be taken care of. He is a friendly owl and likes to watch people pass by. Due to his injuries Spotty does not need a big aviary in which to fly. However, he does like to be high off the ground, from where he can observe his surroundings and feel safe from predators as would be necessary in the wild. Our volunteers have lovingly created a number of climbing structures for Spotty, including perches, beams and ladders up to his own elevated nest box. He is able to hop between these constructions to enjoy the full extent of his enclosure. In 2016, Spotty’s enclosure received a further extension and makeover to enlarge his living space. Generously sponsored by the Olsen Family Trust, this has provided Spotty with a beautifully planted enclosure that is big enough for him to live out his days happily at the Wildlife Centre.

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