The Malawi Wildlife Research Institute is run in partnership with the Government to conduct research that will improve conservation management. This means that volunteers not only have the opportunity to spend time out in the field learning new skills but contribute to a body of nationally and internationally valuable research.

 DURATION: 2-12+ weeks

LOCATION: Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve




Little is known about the migratory and resident elephant populations and baseline data is also needed for LWT’s illegal wildlife trade programmes. Activities includes large mammal population monitoring (driving and foot transects), development of ID database, herd counts, diet analysis through dung/seed collection and data entry.


Assessing the effectiveness of our primate releases includes recording pre- and post-release behaviours and other welfare indicators (using techniques such as telemetry and GPS). Samango monkeys are also being researched, requiring analysis of their genetic make up.

Other species

Work will vary depending on the project’s requirements and note that since heavy rains can make access in Vwaza more difficult (usually Dec-Mar), we may need to accommodate you at Kuti Wildlife Reserve instead.