Malawi’s incredible wildlife is facing a number of threats, from deforestation and biodiversity loss to human-wildlife conflict and the illegal trades in products such as ivory and bushmeat. LWT’s research projects are designed to improve conservation knowledge and practice and include issues such as biodiversity monitoring, one health and wildlife management. This means that volunteers not only have the opportunity to spend time out in the field learning new skills but also contribute to research that makes a real difference to the knowledge and health of animal populations.


2-12 weeks


Various wildlife reserves and National Parks, depending on time of year and needs of specific projects.




Our research projects cover a range of issues and locations. Joining a particular project will depend on your specific skills and interests, the time of year and the needs of the project. It’s best to get in touch and have a chat with our team to explore the right fit for you. Below are a few examples of previous research projects we’ve run:

  • Monitoring elephant populations to investigate their population density, herd compositions and diet
  • Assessing the effectiveness of primate releases by recording pre- and post-release behaviours and other welfare indicators  
  • Compiling a photo log of zebra herds to help us identify sick individuals, monitor health, inform genetic studies and support anti-poaching efforts
  • Studying the risk of transmission of African Swine Fever from wild suids (e.g. bushpigs and warthogs) to domestic pigs