We are committed to developing and sharing knowledge on a range of conservation issues.

Below you will find some of the research and reports we have produced in collaboration with partners. If you have any questions or would like to order copies of any of these documents, please email

MLA 2019

Mutual Legal Assistance Guidelines, 2019

Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) is a form of cooperation between different countries for the purpose of collecting and exchanging information to assist in criminal investigations or court proceedings. It is a particularly useful tool in the fight against wildlife crimes, which are often transnational in nature. This report serves as a guide on the steps that must be taken to complete an MLA request in relation to wildlife crime.

Tools report 2019

Putting the Tools
to Good Use, 2019

In recent years the Government of Malawi has worked to reduce the poaching and trafficking of protected animals by strengthening all parts of the judicial chain. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the legislation that is available to be used to combat wildlife crime in Malawi. It also provides recommendations for further strengthening the legislative framework to fully implement best practices and standards.

Plastics report 2019

The Case for Banning
Single-Use Plastics, 2019

This report summarises the case for banning single-use plastics in Malawi, based on available information from Malawi as well as research and experience from Africa and internationally. The authors argue that not only should Malawi reinstate its ban on plastic bags, but also extend the ban to all single-use plastics.

IWT 2015

Illegal Wildlife Trade
Progress Report, 2019

This report covers the progress made in combatting illegal wildlife trade (IWT) in Malawi since the first IWT Review was published in 2015. It includes an overview of the recommendations developed in 2015, a review of those measures successfully implemented, and a roadmap for the Government of Malawi and other stakeholders on how to build on these successes and continue to combat IWT.

Sentencing Guidelines 2017

Sentencing Guidelines for Wildlife Crimes, 2017

The Sentencing Guidelines for Wildlife Crimes in Malawi Courts were developed to support the judiciary in determining appropriate sentences for wildlife crime. The Guidelines outline the purpose of sentencing and provide a detailed guide to the penalty provisions in the National Parks and Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2017.

IWT report 2015

Illegal Wildlife Trade
Review, 2015

This landmark report is a comprehensive technical review of illegal wildlife trade in Malawi. The report analyses wildlife crime data, wildlife legislation, enforcement capacity and agencies, judiciary and prosecution services and the drivers of wildlife crime. The Review provides a series of recommended tasks and actions to tighten legislation, enhance enforcement efforts and increase prosecution rates and sentences faced by criminals.