Students who are looking to conduct research as part of their BSc or Masters degree, or who wish to conduct their industrial, PTY or professional training overseas placement can apply for a student research placement. This placement is specifically for people looking to do their own independent research as part of a degree. LWT can assist with shaping a research topic, providing access to study sites and logistical support, but independent projects must be self-directed. You must therefore have secured a supervisor and a place at university prior to the placement. 

If you are interested in conducting an independent project with us we encourage you to check out our current research projects and contact to explore these further and understand what research gaps need to be addressed.

If you’re looking for more hands-on support and supervision with a research project, you might want to consider anInternshipplacement with us instead.


Dependent on individual research project requirements 1-12 months


Various sites, depending on time of year and needs of specific projects 


No qualifications required. Projects should be part of a degree programme.


The kind of work you do will depend on the specific project you undertake. LWT’s current projects include:




No. of months123456789101112
Research placement  £1360  £1870  £2380  £2890  £3400  £3910  £4420  £4930  £5440  £5950  £6460  £6970


Price includes logistical support and assistance in developing a feasible project. Accommodation and vegetarian meals as well as unlimited water, tea and coffee are included in this price as are airport transfers from Lilongwe provided your arrival is on a Tuesday. All work-related transport, an orientation on the charity and our sanctuary and a supply tour of Lilongwe, as well as a local sim card and T-shirt are also included.

All other expenses will be your responsibility. This includes: flights, visas, vaccinations, a TB scan, and any excursions, souvenirs, nights outs, snacks and other personal expenses you might have.

Please also note students who work on non-LWT projects must self-fund costs that fall out of our existing operations (fuel, equipment, etc).