Students wishing to conduct their industrial, PTY or professional training overseas placement are welcome to join the LWT research team. We can accommodate people working on a range of themes and disciplines and at various academic levels, from Bachelors students to post-graduates. You can either get involved with one of our current research projects or speak to us about proposing your own topic (this will depend on our capacity to provide support and logistics). For anyone requiring some level of supervision, such as PhD students, please refer to our internship experience.


1-12 months


Various sites, depending on time of year and needs of specific projects 


BSc, MSc or MRes students


Take a look for examples of student-led research projects we have helped to facilitate. Previous LWT-led research projects have included:

Elephants for Landscapes: Assessing the status, distribution and movement patterns of elephants occupying the Transfrontier Conservation Area in Nyika National Park & Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve.

Primate Release Programme: Assessing the effectiveness of primate releases on animal welfare by recording pre- and post- release behaviours and welfare indicators.

Baboon Hybrids: Assessing the genetic makeup of the baboon species in Vwaza and monitoring the growth, development, and reproductive successes of the baboon populations.

Clinical Projects in One Health: Investigating the human- domestic-wildlife interface through clinical interventions and passive disease surveillance.

No. of months123456789101112
Research placement£1360£1870£2380£2890£3400£3910£4420£4930£5440£5950£6460£6970

Accommodation and vegetarian meals as well as unlimited water, tea and coffee are all included in this price. As are airport transfers from Lilongwe provided your arrival is on a Tuesday. All work-related transport, an orientation on the charity and our sanctuary and a supply tour of Lilongwe, as well as a local sim card and T-shirt are also included.

All other expenses will be your responsibility. This includes: flights, visas, vaccinations, a TB scan, and any excursions, souvenirs, nights outs, snacks and other personal expenses you might have.

Please also note students who work on non-LWT projects must self-fund costs that fall out of our existing operations (fuel, equipment, etc).