Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is an award-winning project, reputed by PASA as one of Africa’s best sanctuaries, and houses almost 200 rescued wild animals, including carnivores, primates, reptiles and antelopes. As a volunteer you can get involved with various aspects of animal care, from feeding the animals to helping with releases. Most of our animals will be released into the wild so it is imperative that we follow a strict hands-off policy. However during orphan season (November to March) some animals need special attention and round the clock care to ensure that they have the best possible chance of rehabilitation, so you may well be stepping in with surrogacy work and providing all aspects of care in those early days.

What will I be doing?

Our goal is to release animals back into the wild for every case possible so it can be an incredibly rewarding experience to see their progress and know that you have played a vital part in their journey back to the wild. Your contribution will include:

  • orphan care (during orphan season)
  • integrations (moving rescued primates into the existing troops at the wildlife centre)
  • observations (lions, primates, antelope)
  • reintroductions into the wild, please note that these happen intermittently throughout the year.

In addition volunteers can also take part in our education programme and community initiatives that are run by the Trust, all designed to reduce human-wildlife conflict and promote sustainable livelihoods to protect habitats shared by people and wildlife. Anyone with experience in website design, PR, events, photography or documentary making would also be very welcome.


No. Weeks23456789101112
2017 GB£ £1,306
 £1,691  £2,130
 £2,745 £3,028 £3,283 £3,529 £3,744 £3,951 £4,144
2017 US$ (Estimated)$1698$2,198$2,769$3,189$3,569$3,936$4,268$4,588$4,867$5,136$5,387

Note: All placements start and end on a Tuesday.


  • 2 or 4 Bed Private Chalet – £20/$26 per night for up to 2 people plus £12/$15 per additional person
  • Shared Chalet – £12/$15 per night
  • Airport transfers not scheduled for a Tuesday cost £30/$39 one way

All of the money raised through our volunteering programme goes directly into the Wildlife Centre and is not tied up in administrative costs. With this we are able to provide food and essential medical care for the animals, as well as improving and implementing our rescue and rehabilitation projects to ensure their survival not only within the Centre but also when they are released back into the wild. Your fee also supports our education and community projects which are essential for the future of conservation in Malawi and allows us to provide employment for over 40 members of local staff.


  • Accommodation
  • All meals and unlimited tea, coffee and drinking water
  • Transfers to and from the airport and all work related transport (if arriving/departing on Tuesdays)
  • Free wireless internet
  • Free t-shirt and local phone sim card
  • Orientation and training in all relevant departments and full support and assistance from the Volunteer Coordinator throughout your stay.


  • Flights
  • Vaccinations, travel and medical insurance
  • Visas ($75 single entry 30 day visa plus extensions every 30 days — $10)
  • Additional excursions, nights out, souvenirs and personal expenses such as soft drinks, beers and snacks.

Please download out Enquiry Pack for more details

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