Rescue & Rehabilitation Management Assistant

The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre (LWC) exists under the umbrella of the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (LWT) and is Malawi’s only wildlife rehabilitation Centre. The Centre is internationally accredited for their high organizational and animal welfare standards. LWC rescues and rehabilitation all kind of Malawian wildlife in distress, of which many come from illegal trade. We currently house around 200 wild residents including baboons, vervet monkeys, antelopes, reptiles, birds, lion and serval cat with new animals coming in every week. The Centre runs several active release programs, returning many rescued animals back to the wild wherever suitable and appropriate in line with the set standards by the IUCN. For more information about our work please visit our website:

For our rehabilitation department we are looking for a Rescue and Rehabilitation Management Assistant.

Job Outline

This is a training position under the supervision and guidance of the Rescue and Rehabilitation Manager (RRM). The Rescue and Rehabilitation Management Assistant (RRMA) assists and supports the RRM in all aspects of the daily management of the rescue and rehabilitation process of the LWC animals. To do so the RRMA must be independent and self motivated and have the ability and confidence to develop him/ herself to deliver exceptional animal welfare standards and ensure that LWC’s animals are afforded the highest possible levels of care and rehabilitation at all times. The RRMA is mature, takes responsibility and has high potential to learn new skills. The RRMA has good communication skills and is a real team player. The RRC has knowledge and understanding of the LWT ethos and mission and incorporates these in the day to day work developing a team culture which promotes exceptional animal care and responsible ethics at all times. The RRC assists and supports the RRMA to ensure that the LWC’s employee Health and Safety and Standard Operating Procedures are respected, upheld and wherever necessary are up-dated at all times.

Core Responsibilities

Under guidance off and in collaboration with the RRM, the RRMA:

  1. Ensures that all animals at the LWC are cared for and rehabilitated according to the best of the Trust’s abilities and existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  2. Work and refine existing animal-care and rehabilitation protocols and, if needed, develop new protocols and rehabilitation (including release) techniques.
  3. Assist and liaise with the Sanctuary veterinarian with regard to animal health issues.
  4. Keep all general animal care records up-dated at all times and ensure that all rehabilitation and animal care reports are being written and kept up-dated.
  5. Work together with all animal care and rehabilitation staff at LWC and support them in a way to ensure work is being performed to the highest possible standards and LWC policies.
  6. Advise on and assist with the improvements of animal facilities, e.g. repairs, furnishing of enclosures, environmental enrichment, and integration pens etc.
  7. Ensure that all employee health and safety protocols and procedures of LWC are upheld at all times by all staff and volunteers operating within the Animal Care department.
  8. Ensure effective liaison and communication with all staff members off the different departments
  9. To promote a culture of empowerment and excellence at LWC.

Core Competencies and Qualifications

  • Considerable experience working with captive animals (experience with wildlife is a big advantage).
  • A degree in biology, zoology or any related study or considerable experience (minimum of three years) working with wildlife.
  • Proven experience working with and within teams and being a team player able to support and motivate people to reach the required goals and standards
  • Good understanding for the LWT’s aims and mission and considerable passion and strong ambition to move these forwards within LWC.
  • Must be independent, mature and self motivated with the ability learn and pick up new skills and knowledge
  • Must be flexible, adaptable, and capable of developing innovative and practical solutions to challenges, along with having attention to detail and being able to multi-task.
  • Being physically fit and able to work outside in a hot climate.
  • Good command of English (spoken and written) and have knowledge of standard Office computer programs.

The Lilongwe Wildlife Trust offers an interesting and challenging position in a fast growing Malawian animal welfare and conservation organization. Please note that only candidates with the Malawian nationality will be considered for this position (no International applicants).

Send Applications (CV and Motivational Letter) to: