We’re building a brand new education hub at the heart of
the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre  (LWC) is Malawi’s only wildlife rescue centre, home to around 200 animals and world renowned for its high standards of animal welfare. Set in a beautiful 180-hectare reserve in the heart of the capital, Lilongwe, LWC is a critical part of the city’s unique cultural history and increasingly fragile biodiversity. Read more about the centre.


LWC new education hub 3D drawing
LWC new education centre 3D drawing birds eye view


We are embarking on an exciting project to redevelop LWC’s facilities for both its animal residents and visitors. As part of this project we have ambitious plans to develop a pioneering education zone that will serve as a gold-standard facility for inspiring the next generation of environmentalists within Malawi. 

LWC is uniquely positioned to act as the country’s leading facility for conservation education. Each year the centre welcomes thousands of school groups to learn more about the environment. To date, our programme has reached over 175,000 school children across Malawi.


 Why do we need an education centre?

Malawi is facing a number of serious environmental crises, from deforestation and pollution to the illegal trade in wildlife products. Fifty per cent of the country’s forests and woodland have been lost over the last 40 years and 60% of land is affected by soil erosion. 

Environmental education is critical to stopping this cycle of decline. Our aim is to inspire people – primarily children – to recognise the value in nature and take action to protect their natural heritage for generations to come.  

Learn more in our two-page flyer or presentation. 

How can you help?​

Our new education hub will provide classes, activities, exhibitions and other educational experiences such as trail walks, playgrounds and an outdoor amphitheatre. We are seeking support from individuals and organisations to help us realise our vision. 


If you would like to be part of this exciting project and play a role in building a safer, greener Malawi, please get in touch with our Centre Manager, Ian D’heygere. We’re happy to explore ideas with you.

There are a number of ways you can support us.

Girls looking ahead in classroom

Make a donation

We welcome donations from both individuals and companies.


Provide in-kind support

As part of our sustainable development plans, we will need things like building materials and technical assistance.

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Spread the word

Tells others about our plans. Share our website with them and introduce us to any potential supporters.