Disease Screening

DSC_1221The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre houses monkeys at our sanctuary facility in the heart of the city of Lilongwe in Malawi. Some of our residents are monkeys that are destined for release while other monkey residents will live their lives out in in our sanctuary. There is also a resident wild urban vervet monkey troop living near the sanctuary that occasionally interacts with our monkeys living at the Centre.


The monkeys living at the Centre have undergone a strict health screening exam (quarantine) upon entry to our Centre. The wild urban troop has not undergone such a screening, so the detail of their health is unknown, especially with regards to presence of particular fecal pathogens. At this time, there are little or no published studies looking at the identification and prevalence of gastrointestinal pathogens among free-ranging monkey troops in Malawi. Therefore, we will be looking at these pathogens by collecting fecal samples from the wild vervet troop and microscopically examining them.


Project Updates

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