Biodiversity Conservation

Protecting habitats such as forests and wetlands, where animals live, is the main challenge in conservation.  If we can’t preserve wild land, we can’t protect wildlife.

Due to poverty and a fast increasing population natural habitats are under immense pressure all over Malawi, which, as mentioned above, sadly boasts the world’s 5th highest rate of deforestation.

That the Trust has protected the 180 hectares of ancient riverside woodland that forms LWC from urban development is a great achievement in itself.   It is the last example of acacia combretum woodland in the region and supports over 200 species of bird as well as other animals like hyena, genet, wild pig and antelope.

Similarly our work with another local reserve (Kuti) through People and Wildlife projects to gain control and stop poaching and deforestation so that the herds of zebra, sable and the many other animals can continue to call it home.    We have won a Responsible Tourism Award for ‘Best Organisation for Conservation of Habitats & Wildlife’ in recognition of our work and we are a member of the Species Survival Network.