Malawi has high species richness and endemism but that remarkable biodiversity is under threat from a number of issues, including wildlife crime, human-wildlife conflict and deforestation. We believe that a science-based approach, through wildlife research, is critical to effective conservation management.


Our wildlife research mission is to work with local government and like-minded organisations to deliver applied conservation research and capacity building initiatives which inform the effective management and release of wildlife.

The themes have been developed to fill gaps in knowledge and understanding that we have identified through the course of our work. We currently focus on elephants, primates, wildlife epidemiology and illegal wildlife trade but we are also happy to facilitate Malawi-based research in other areas.

We have partnered with the Department of National Parks & Wildlife and Conservation Research Africa to build Malawi’s first Wildlife Research Institute in Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve, which acts as our research headquarters and supports other satellite projects elsewhere in Malawi. Find out more about our project sites here.

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