We are a force for wildlife, rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals and releasing as many as possible back into the wild, where they belong.

Our wildlife rescue and welfare initiatives save and rehabilitate animals and return as many as possible back to the wild. As the only organisation in Malawi mandated by the Government to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife, we respond to veterinary emergencies and support wildlife management across the country. We also care for orphaned, injured and confiscated animals at the award-winning and internationally renowned Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. In addition, we work with communities to promote peaceful co-existence with wildlife, build in-country capacity for Malawian wildlife professionals and conduct research to inform the country’s conservation management plans.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre (LWC) is Malawi’s only wildlife rescue facility, known for its high standards of welfare and rehabilitation. It is accredited by the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the PAW scheme under the Born Free Foundation. The Centre supports approximately 200 animals at any given time, many of which are victims of human-wildlife conflict, poaching and other illegal wildlife trades. 

The first stop for incoming animals is our veterinary clinic where critical patients are stabilised and take their first steps towards recovery. After passing quarantine, animals are then prepped for release. Each animal is given a pre-release check to make sure it is medically and behaviourally ready for release back into the wild. If an animal is unable to be released, they can find a permanent home at our sanctuary.

Wildlife Emergency Response Unit

A joint partnership between LWT and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, the Wildlife Emergency Response Unit provides veterinary care for animals that need to be treated in the field. It typically provides veterinary treatment and support for animals injured by snares, traps or bullet wounds. These are often endangered species such as elephants or rhinos.

Wildlife Rescue Hotline: +265 (0)88 4488 999 / +265 (0)99 8597 938. Click here for more info about the Hotline.

Wildlife research

Our rescue and welfare work is underpinned by wildlife research initiatives that inform our animal releases, support wildlife monitoring and management, and contribute to a wider body of knowledge about conservation needs in Malawi.   

We also monitor a number of indicator and threatened species on behalf of the Government and its partners at satellite research stations within national parks and protected areas.

Our placement programme includes research opportunities for those wishing to join our team in the field, and we also welcome students interested in pursuing their own research topics. 

How you can help

Please support our critical wildlife rescue and welfare work and help make a difference for Malawi’s wildlife!