Eco Schools




Eco-Schools is an international award programme introduced by the Foundation for Environmental Education that operates in more than 46 countries around the world including South Africa and the UK. Set up in 1994, the purpose was to involve young people in finding solutions to environmental and sustainable development challenges at the local level. The programme encourages whole-school improvement through positive environmental change and curriculum-based learning.  Teachers, learners, community members and various partner organisations can work together and are given the opportunity to improve the environment of the school and also that of the community. We work with Eco Schools in partnership with WESM and CCJP.



The Eco-Schools programme has been adapted for Malawi. Lilongwe Wildlife Trust has been responsible for developing the learning materials and teacher’s guides and will work alongside WESM (who are funded by the Danish Outdoor Council) in the training and evaluation in the Lilongwe district with a view to roll out the programme nationwide.

Through this  programme learners increase their awareness and understanding of key environmental issues and will be encouraged to develop a passion for  and ownership of their country’s natural heritage.  This is achieved through participation in classes and workshops on key environmental themes as well as practical micro-projects that help students to learn through action.

Schools are encouraged to explore the following themes, for which these teacher’s guides provide a framework:

  • Wildlife welfare & conservation
  • Nature & biodiversity
  • Forests & deforestation
  • Water
  • Soil & sustainable agriculture
  • Waste management
  • Climate change
  • The environment & human health

These topics are linked closely to those of both the IB & National Curriculums, so enhancing overall learning for those pupils involved.  Please get in touch with Clement – – if you would like a copy of these materials.  We will make them available online here shortly.