Community Beekeeping Project


One-third of our food is dependent on bees through pollination however, populations have been in decline worldwide due to loss of bee-friendly habitats and the use of toxic pesticides. If Malawi’s bee populations reduce, it will have a negative impact on our biodiversity and agriculture, threatening the entire country’s food security.

Our beekeeping project, kindly funded by Born Free’s Global Friends Programme, aims to show the benefits of conserving bees and sustainably using them as a source of food and income. We created ten beehives which were hung in our wilderness area and subsequently colonised by wild bees. Carried out in partnership with the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary community group, who have been trained in beekeeping and business management as part of the project, the honey produced by our hives will be sold to neighbouring communities and at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre’s gift shop.  It is our hope that everyone will benefit from it.

The hives are additionally used as an educational tool to teach local communities and school children the importance of conserving bees – highlighting how they contribute to the health of people, as well as their integral role as pollinators in ecosystems. We encourage farmers to avoid the use of bee-harming pesticides and promote alternative removal methods to extermination for any bees nesting in roofs or gardens.

If you need problem bees removed (instead of exterminated) in Lilongwe, call FIM on 088 226 2908 or email; or call Mr Pula on 099 934 0864