National Parks & Wildlife Act

In the Illegal Wildlife Trade Assessment completed in May 2015, legislation of the current National Parks & Wildlife Act (as amended 2004) was found to have weak penalty provisions and the ambiguous terminology made it difficult to enforce. Lilongwe Wildlife Trust is now one of the lead representatives on the taskforce conducting a thorough review of the Act, which should lead to improved enforcement and sufficient penalties for wildlife crimes.

Find out more about the National Parks & Wildlife Act review here

Court Monitoring Project

Coming soon

Captive Care Guidelines

In Malawi there are currently no set regulations for supporting captive wildlife and no clear definition as to what animals can and can’t be kept.  Lilongwe Wildlife Trust is creating a full set of guidelines for the captive care of wild animals, which will be implemented across the country.

Find out more about the Captive Care Guidelines here

National Elephant Action Plan (NEAP)

Malawi’s viable populations of elephants, along with its determination to eliminate the decline of elephants, has provided a clear need for a national strategy in the protection of elephants, in the form of a Stop Ivory’s National Elephant Action Plan (NEAP) with Lilongwe Wildlife Trust on the steering committee.

Malawi’s NEAP is currently in draft form and being reviewed. More to follow soon.