Wild animals are legally kept in captivity around the world for a number of reasons, whether it be by rescue facilities, at tourist/visitor centres or by individuals at their homes.

In Malawi there are currently no set regulations for supporting captive wildlife and no clear definition as to what animals can and can’t be kept. Besides the animal welfare considerations, keeping wild animals can be dangerous and so strict guidelines are needed to protect both the wildlife and people.

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust is officiating a new set of Captive Care Guidelines, which will be imposed throughout the whole of Malawi.  These guidelines will need to be met by any facility or individual keeping wild animals in captivity in order to obtain a licence. Specific sets of standards will be included for enclosures, husbandry, nutritional and veterinary care of the animals, thus prioritising the wellbeing of the animals.

A list of wild animals that can and can’t be kept in captivity shall also be proposed to compliment the guidelines.