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Lilongwe Wildlife Trust works to release any animal possible and, although notoriously challenging, primate releases are amongst the most exciting. Our primate release project is currently operating out of Kasungu National Park where we released a troop of yellow baboons in January 2013, a troop of vervet monkeys in January 2014 and a second troop of yellow baboons in 2015.

The troop of yellow baboons released in 2015 are now living wild in Kasungu National Park and are being tracked and observed on a daily basis by our field team led by Primate Release Project Manager, Amanda Harwood, who are collecting scientific data for research and publication purposes. The project will contribute to a body of fundamental research on the extent to which these animals are able to adapt to life in the wild and how their new found freedom contributes to their welfare compared to a life in captivity.

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Amanda Harwood, Primate Release Project Manager: Bio
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