LWT’s Primate Reintroduction Programme for yellow baboons (Papio cynocephalus) and vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) has been running since 2013. The supporting primate conservation research project assesses the success of these welfare reintroductions for those rescued and rehabilitated at the Wildlife Centre, with the aim of informing future releases (both from LWT and from other projects around the world), and to continue to identify improvements in terms of both cost-effectiveness and animal welfare.

We conduct extensive research pre- and post reintroduction to inform processes (such as release site selection and habitat quality) and conduct a comprehensive primate population census and habitat assessment at the reintroduction site. These census surveys will also be ongoing to monitor primate population changes in the park.


Based at MAWIRI, Vwaza MWR (previously at Kasungu NP).


Students and volunteers will be carrying out the following work:

  • Population census surveys using standardised foot transects
  • Individual identification (based on age and sex classes)
  • Behavioural observations (PRCP only, seasonal)
  • Radio telemetry and GPS use (PRCP only, seasonal)
  • Habitat assessments using vegetation surveys
  • Behavioural observations (feeding, group composition etc)
  • Learning about the surrounding plant and animal ecology
  • Gaining field experience with an expert team Data entry and GIS (using QGIS)

Read more about our wildlife research placement opportunities here.


collared yellow baboons