If you want to work with wildlife and are passionate about conservation then our volunteer programme is for you. Volunteers can undertake placements of between two and 12 weeks and can split their time between working in our world-renowned wildlife sanctuary and doing research in the ‘bush’. You’ll get involved in wildlife rehabilitation, including animal husbandry, orphan care, vet support and reintroductions, and there is also the option to participate in education and community outreach projects. And, new for 2018, volunteers can now visit our research station at Vwaza Wildife Reserve and get hands on with elephant and primate research projects. 



Our vet externships are ideal for vets, vet students and vet nurses who want to dedicate their time and skills to a deserving project and gain expertise in the areas of wildlife conservation and veterinary medicine.  You must have a relevant qualification or already be enrolled as a vet or vet nurse student. The work includes rescue and rehabilitation, orphan care and clinical support at the highly respected Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Malawi’s only accredited wildlife sanctuary. Students also have the opportunity to stay at Kuti Wildlife Reserve and participate in LWT’s Clinical Projects in One Health, looking at wildlife health and disease transference. 



We believe that a science-based approach is vital for effective wildlife conservation, which is why research is one of our four key areas of work. BSc, MSc, MRes and PhD students or graduates can join our research team for up to 12 months on one of the following projects: elephant research, primate conservation, samango monkey research and conservation medicine. We also welcome applications for unrelated topics. Volunteers who have spent two or more weeks at the Wildlife Centre can also join the elephant and primate programmes. Students will be based at either Lilongwe Wildlife Reserve, Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve or Nyika National Park.