Because the work of LWT cuts across so many disciplines – from animal rescue and rehabilitation to research and justice – we can tailor an experience that is right for you. An internship with LWT is particularly useful for people looking to fulfil specific requirements as part of a degree or course. So if you’re looking to gain certain knowledge, skills or opportunities get in touch to have a chat with our team (please outline your goals and requirements as part of your initial enquiry)


4-24 weeks


Various, depending on internship content and structure. 


 None. We can tailor your placement if you are looking for specific skills or experience.


There is no set template or structure for this opportunity, but your internship experience could cover any – or all – of the following areas of work:

Wildlife rescue & rehabilitation

Join our award-winning animal care team where duties include animal husbandry (feeding, cleaning, enrichment), orphan care, vet clinic support, observations, integrations and re- introductions.

Wildlife research

Supporting one of our research projects, you will be trained in critical research techniques such as behavioural observations, individual animal IDs, population census surveys, habitat assessments, data entry and GIS mapping. Depending on your specific needs, we may also be able to provide support or supervision with your own research.

Education & outreach

Our environmental education team works from both the Wildlife Centre and in schools out in the community, and also runs small conservation and sustainable livelihood projects such as bee-keeping, briquette making and tree-planting. 

Other disciplines

Occasionally other teams within LWT – such as campaigns, communications and justice – need extra support, so if you have any interest in these fields please let us know in your application. However, please note that working with these teams is dependent on capacity and needs, so we cannot guarantee this as part of your placement.

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Please note:

  • Students who work on non-LWT projects must self-fund costs that fall out of our existing operations (fuel, equipment, etc).
  • Cost of internships lasting from 13-24 weeks will be advised on application as ongoing costs depend on project scope and location. 

Dorm style accommodation (centre chalet upgrade costs: £12-£20 per person per night) and vegetarian meals (except Sundays at the centre) as well as unlimited water, tea and coffee are all included in price. As are airport transfers from Lilongwe provided your arrival is on a Tuesday. All work-related transport, an orientation on the charity and our sanctuary and a supply tour of Lilongwe, as well as a local sim card and T-shirt are also included.

All other expenses will be your responsibility. This includes: flights, visas, vaccinations, a TB scan, and any excursions, souvenirs, nights outs, snacks and other personal expenses you might have.