Mark & Angela Sprong

Mark and Angela were the founders of the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre and Mark is still the Chairman of the Trust.  Angela was the chair of the fundraising committee which was instrumental in raising much needed funds and awareness in the early years. They made significant financial contributions through their company, Land & Lake Safaris and assigned the land on which the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is based, over to the Trust. What initially started as a local wild animal rescue facility has now matured into an influential and principled conservation organisation that influences the country.  



Brighton Kumchedwa 

Brighton is Director of National Parks and Wildlife. As a well respected figure he offers invaluable advice and has ensured that the Wildlife Centre has support at the most influential levels of government. 



Beverley Trataris

Bev is a local businesswoman with a deep rooted passion for wildlife. She worked to improve conditions for the animals in Lilongwe Zoo for 3 years before LLWC came into existence and has worked tirelessly for the Centre from the very beginning, raising funds and on many occasions acting as a surrogate mother for orphaned baboons, vervets and duikers.

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Julie Saunders

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Laurie Webb

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Ton de Rooy

Ton is Managing Director of Robin Pope Safaris.  His financial, marketing and operations advice is invaluable.