From October to January, they come. Some with rope tied around their middle, others with locks and chains. Some have spent long journeys in cramped crates, but they all have something in common. They are orphans who are hungry and scared. And they need your help!

With the coming of the rains comes new life but sadly so does ‘the orphan season’. This is a time where babies are taken from their families to be sold as pets on the side of the road or their mothers are killed for bushmeat. Whilst the bushmeat and pet trade are illegal it’s still a common and widespread occurrence in Malawi. As part of our work to tackle wildlife crimes such as the pet and bushmeat trades we offer a lifeline to these distressed wild animals in their time of need.  In the last year alone, we rescued 96 animals and these numbers rise every year. We are the only accredited wildlife sanctuary in Malawi, with a state-of-the-art orphan care centre and vet clinic and, given the awards from the top international welfare bodies you can be rest assured that they are offered the best possible round-the-clock care.

That said, each year we have to find the extra money required to fund veterinary supplies, food and all the other necessary sundries to give them the best chance in life. Please, give whatever you can…help them get their strength back, find a family, remember they are wild and HELP THEM HOME!