Don't Eat bushmeat


“It’s illegal. It’s dangerous. It carries diseases.” 


This is the message of our new ‘Don’t Eat Bushmeat’ campaign, run in partnership with the Government and supported by the Lion Recovery Fund and WCPRead the Government press release or watch the 1-minute video below which is being aired on TV, radio, and social media. We’re also reaching remote communities around protected areas with our solar cinema and street theatre roadshow. 

You can help by:

  • Spreading the word to friends and family
  • Sharing our video or others’ Facebook or news stories on social media
  • Printing off and displaying our Don’t Eat Bushmeat poster
  • Reporting any restaurants or traders selling bushmeat to the authorities, by calling 0994 942240 or 0212 555550, or emailing


Apart from the human risks, poaching to meet demand for bushmeat is also responsible for the decimation of wildlife populations, which in turn can lead to the collapse of ecosystems. We are proud to support the Government of Malawi in their efforts to stamp out bushmeat trade for the benefit of both people and wildlife.


Resources to print