Malawi's only wildlife sanctuary 
needs your support

We urgently need donations to help care for the animals at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre during this uncertain time.

Many of these animals have been rescued from poaching, the illegal pet trade and other forms of wildlife crime and abuse. Our team is working around the clock to give them the support they need to recover and – where possible – be released back into the wild.

But the COVID-19 crisis has forced us to close our guided tours and suspend our volunteer placements – programmes that are crucial to raising the funds needed to care for the rescued animals who call the sanctuary home.

Please help our team continue its vital work by making a donation today.


£5 could pay for a TB test for a rescued monkey to make sure it is healthy enough to be integrated into a troop.

£10 could buy one week’s worth of antibiotics to treat sick and injured animals.

£20 could support two week’s worth of care for an orphaned monkey, including health checks, food and enrichment items to help them learn vital foraging skills.

£50 could pay for our team to remove a life-threatening poacher's snare from a zebra and treat the wound.

£100 could buy a heat lamp to keep infant animals warm during critical periods of rehabilitation. £400 could cover the food costs of all wildlife residents for one week.

We all know the immensity of the challenges facing human beings during this uncharted Coronavirus territory that we are experiencing. An aspect we may be less aware of, is the dilemma facing wildlife rescue centres – all over the world – where the vital income from the public could seriously diminish.

With people unable to travel to and from work, and the innocent animals totally dependent on their carers, how can a solution be found?

Some of the Lilongwe wildlife team have made a selfless and very compassionate decision. They will stay at the centre, with the animals, for as long as it takes. No one, of course, will know how long that will be.  

Very recently new animals have arrived including a pangolin, a baboon, two vervet monkeys, a python and a tortoise.  Many rescued from traffickers.  

It was in 2009 that we rescued a beautiful lioness, Bella, from a crumbling zoo in Romania, and brought her to this wonderful Centre. She was joined five years later by Simba, an ex-circus lion, and they became inseparable. Tragically they both became seriously ill in 2017, and had to be put to sleep. They were much loved and respected ‘residents’ and are deeply missed.

What is so inspiring to me about the Lilongwe team is their total focus on the individual – 174 animals to look after – that is no small challenge. When possible, the animals are returned to the wild. This is just one aspect of their work.  They also inspire and educate thousands of school children; they engage teachers in environmental education; plant hundreds of trees and take on the illegal wildlife trade.

I am sure many people reading this will already be aware of the Trust’s work and how much it deserves our support, but I feel, especially at this time of huge challenges, good news cannot be mentioned too often.

I have always felt deeply honoured to be a Patron of this Trust, and each year my Trust grows stronger.

Want to give money locally?

Thank you!

Please donate via our Airtel Money: 0999 701 478 or TNM Mpamba: 0880 005 871

We also have two bank accounts that accept deposits – one in Malawian kwacha and the other in US dollars.

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (MWK)

Account Name: Lilongwe Wildlife Trust
Title: Current – MK
Account Number: 14407812 
Branch/Service Centre: Lilongwe Branch
Bank Name & Address: NBS Bank, Area 3, Lilongwe, Malawi. 

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (USD)

Account Name: Lilongwe Wildlife Trust
Title: Current $
Account Number: 14227668 
Branch/Service Centre: Lilongwe Branch
Bank Name & Address: NBS Bank, Area 3, Lilongwe, Malawi.