This internship is ideal for those looking for both ‘sanctuary’ and ‘field’ experience, building a range of skills across several conservation disciplines on projects that support both individual animal welfare and species management. You are also welcome to devote all your time to one project.

 DURATION: 4-24 weeks

LOCATIONS: Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Vwaza Wildlife Reserve.

QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: None. We can tailor your placement if you are looking for specific skills or experience.


Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Join the award-winning animal care team where duties include animal husbandry (feeding, cleaning, enrichment), orphan care, vet clinic support, observations, integrations and re-introductions.

Wildlife research

Working on our primate and elephant projects, you will be trained in all the necessary research techniques, which may include behavioural observations, individual animals IDs, population census surveys, habitat assessments, data entry and GIS mapping. Note that heavy rains can make access in Vwaza more difficult (usually Dec-Mar), in which case we can accommodate you at Kuti.

Other disciplines

Interns can also apply to spend time with the education, outreach, advocacy or campaigns teams.