volunteers reviews

Fliss Steventon, 24, England – June 2015

  Name: Fliss Steventon Age: 24 Country: England, UK Dates of stay: 21/4/2015 – 14/7/2015 Occupation: Registered Veterinary Nurse  

Debbie Tyler, 55, England – June 2015

Name: Debbie Tyler Age: 55 years Country: UK Dates of stay: 2-29 June 2015 Your background: Retired police officer    

Sandra Hilder, 26, England – April 2015

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is a very special place indeed. There was a friendly atmosphere with the other volunteers and members

Volunteer Blog: Anne-Marie Lub

LILONGWE WILDLIFE CENTRE NEWS: A blog from volunteer Anne-Marie Lub, from the Netherlands, accounting her first week working at Lilongwe