Polly meets her new family

Polly, a 3 month old yellow baboon, is introduced to her new foster family: her foster mum, Ivy, and foster

Mushu’s release

Another day, another animal release. Mushu has been with us since June last year after being rescued from the illegal

VIDEO: First steps to release

Eighteen of our resident vervet monkeys at our Wildlife Centre, including Sprout, who has been with us since just a few


Three pangolins were this weekend returned to their natural habitat after being confiscated by Malawian Police. The animal rescue team

Our 2018 Impact Report

Our 2018 Impact Report is out now! Download the report below and see what we achieved in 2018 to protect

No decision on plastics ban

No decision has yet been made on whether to reinstate a ban on thin plastics in Malawi, following proceedings in the