Help us release a troop of vervet monkeys back into the wild

Give rescued monkeys a second chance at life back in the wild

Tao was a frightened orphan who came to us after his mother was killed for bushmeat. Three years later, he is healthy and happy – and finally ready to be released back into the wild with his troop.

These monkeys were rescued from the bushmeat and illegal pet trades and have made amazing progress in their rehabilitation – we’re so excited that they’re now just weeks away from getting back to the wild, where they belong.

Thank you for helping us give Tao and his new family a second chance at freedom!

We need to build a special pre-release enclosure in Kasungu National Park, where the monkeys will stay while they get used to the sights and sounds of their new home. We’ll monitor them closely until we’re confident they’re ready to be fully released.

We need to carry out the release now – while the rainy season is still upon us, so that there’s lots of food and water to give Tao and his family the best chance of a successful transition to a life back in the wild.

We’re also thrilled to report that we have secured a match funder for this important project who has generously agreed to triple all donations made before the end of March!

So please don’t wait – if you give now your impact will be even greater.

Please help us give these monkeys another chance at life in the wild, where they belong.


£25 could cover a pre-release health check for one monkey

£50 could pay for a secure transport box for one monkey

£100 could provide food for the troop’s first few weeks as they settle in

£250 could cover stipends for rangers who will keep the troop safe during the acclimation period

£500 could pay for transport costs (e.g. truck hire and fuel)

£1,000 could help construct the custom-built pre-release enclosure with flat-pack panels (so it can be re-used for future releases)