Anna Dunlop International Communications Manager

Anna Dunlop
After graduating with a BSc in Forensic Science in 2006, Anna went to New Zealand and Australia, where she undertook an MSc in Conservation Biology. Finding herself back in the UK in 2008, her career path took an unexpected turn when she started work as a journalist for the Daily Mail in London. After six years, Anna left to go freelance, later spending two years as a deputy editor at Metro. While travelling and volunteering in Africa, Anna fell in love with the beautiful continent and in January 2018, she left the world of newspapers behind and headed to Malawi to finally fulfil her dream of working in wildlife conservation. She is currently responsible for local and international media relations, external communications and volunteer, partner and donor development.

Kathryn Kachimanga Campaigns Manager

Kathryn Kachimanga
Kathryn has lived in Malawi for over 12 years. Although she originally planned to volunteer here for just six months, she fell for Malawi’s beauty, warmth and wildlife. She has a background in special educational needs and has always been involved in educating, lobbying and campaigning for people living with disabilities. During her time in Malawi, Kathryn has helped lead campaigns and worked on large-scale events such as Lake Of Stars and Q Concept. Although wildlife conservation is a new field for Kathryn, she spent much of her childhood on a farm in Cumbria, UK, and it is a cause she is very excited to be involved in. Kathryn will be in charge of campaigns for the Malawi/Zambia transboundary landscape and she is excited to use all her different skills to engage and educate people about Malawi’s wildlife and the importance of conservation.

Samantha Nampuntha Campaigns Coordinator

Samantha Nampuntha
Samantha graduated from The Malawi Polytechnic with a BSc in Technical Education in 2013. She then refined her skills by working in the service industry before joining the world of PR, communications and events. Samantha has worked with various NGOs on events including Lake Of Stars, Cape Maclear Triathlon, TEDxLilongwe, UAV4HIV and the launch of the Humanitarian Drone Testing Corridor. Samantha joins LWT as Campaigns Assistant, a role that involves raising awareness of and participation in wildlife conservation and driving parliamentary engagement in conservation issues.

Bright Mbangalah Tourism Manager

Bright Mbangalah
Bright Mbangalah graduated from the Malawi Institute Of Tourism with a qualification in travel and tourism management. He has three years’ experience in top tour and travel companies Satguru Travel and Malawian Style. Bright brings his enthusiasm and love of a challenge to LWT as Tourism Coordinator, where he is responsible for coordinating volunteer bookings.

Glory Kondowe Accountant

Glory Kondowe

Glory joined LWT as a bookkeeper in September 2015, but after much hard work and dedication she was appointed as an accountant in 2017. Glory holds a Technician Diploma in Accounting and a Certificate in Financial Accounting, and is now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Accounting, Auditing and Information Systems. Besides having a passion for her profession as an accountant, Glory loves working for LWT and being part of its development.


Dr. Amanda Salb Head of Veterinary Services

Dr. Amanda Salb
Dr. Amanda Salb graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1999, earned her DVM from Louisiana State University in 2004, and received her masters degree from the University of Calgary in 2011. She practiced for 7 years in the US and Canada, in private practice, industry and zoo before heading to abroad to work in in-situ conservation. She joined the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust in Malawi in 2013. As the Head Veterinarian for the LWT, she currently supervises the veterinary clinic at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, oversees the LWT's Clinical Projects in One Health. and runs the Wildlife Emergency Response Unit, a joint partnership between the LWT and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife. Amanda is also an honorary Parks and Wildlife officer.

Dr. Alice Dumoulin Wildlife Centre Veterinarian

Dr. Alice Dumoulin

After graduating from the National Veterinary School of Paris (France) in 2009, Alice first experienced scientific research through her veterinary PhD: a phylogenetic study of several populations of lemurs in Madagascar. Dedicated to wildlife conservation, she volunteered in several rescue centers in Europe, Africa and Asia. Well-trained in clinical veterinary surgery and medicine after 6 years working in a private practice in Paris, she completed the “Certifaune” diploma (rescue, care and rehabilitation of European wildlife) and gained additional skills in the care of wild animals and especially in avian medicine. After working one year at Laos Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center, she now joined our team as veterinarian at our rehabilitation centre.

Cynthia Vet Nurse (Wildlife Centre)


After a general education in Ntcheu, she entered in the Natural Resources College in Lilongwe to follow the Animal Health and Protection course. Graduated in 2015, loving animals since a young age, she jumped on the great opportunity to be trained as a vet nurse at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. Cynthia dispenses all medications, assists the veterinarian during all procedures and manages the day-to-day routine of the rehabilitation centre clinic.

Dr. Heather Anholt Clinical Projects Veterinarian

Dr. Heather Anholt

Hezy graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2013. Before coming to LWT, she worked in companion animal practise in Canada, and as a herd health vet as part of a national project to improve the health and welfare of domestic mink.  Her first job in Africa was at a PASA sanctuary protecting drills and chimpanzees in Nigeria, and in 2017 she completed an internship in zoo medicine at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Hezy joined LWT in 2017 to manage our Clinical Projects in One Health.  This program investigates the nature and scope of wildlife-livestock-human interactions within and around conservation areas, particularly when it comes to disease, human-wildlife conflict, and other health risks to animals and people.


Jasper Iepema Sanctuary Manager (Wildlife Centre)

Jasper Iepema
Jasper joined LWT in April 2011 from one of our partners, Stichting AAP, in Holland.  He has 10 years’ experience working with captive wild animals, specialising in big cats and primates, and leads our wildlife welfare programmes.

Alma van Dorenmalen Rehabilitation Manager (Wildlife Centre)

Alma van Dorenmalen

Alma van Dorenmalen started as a volunteer at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre whilst she was studying Veterinary Naturopathy. She did research on how naturopathy can improve efficiency in wildlife rehabilitation. In the Netherlands she rehabilitated mostly domestic animals, researched zoopharmacognosy on an introduced bovidae and equine species and provided consultancy work to improve animal welfare situations in different organizations. With a strong passion for conservation she decided to focus on wildlife specifically. Alma joined the team as rehabilitation coordinator in 2014 and is now our rehabilitation manager overseeing all rehabilitation processes and the care of our animals. Alma has a strong focus on individual animal welfare, traumatised animals and uses a holistic approach in the rehabilitation process. Additionally she has a Master’s degree in Business Economics which she uses to her advantage in all her work.

Jenny Tembo Marketing Assistant

Jenny Tembo

Jenny holds a diploma in Hospitality Services and a certificate in entrepreneurship that she obtained at the Institute of Domestic Science and Agriculture in Baumgartsbrunn, Namibia. She has also completed a first aid course and received training and certificates in book binding, farming and animal welfare. Jenny worked for various organisations before LWT, but finds working with wildlife amazing.  Throughout the 10 years she has spent at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre she has gained a lot of experience and learnt much about why we need to care for wildlife.


Clement Manjaalera Head Of Education

Clement Manjaalera
Clement joined the team as a volunteer tour guide in 2007. He has proven himself to be passionate and committed and has been promoted several times as education officer, then senior community liaison officer and in 2013 to the senior management team as Education Manager. He holds a diploma in Environmental Management and BA in Business Administration. An inspirational team leader and a confident public speaker, he has represented LWT on a number of local and international TV and radio programmes.

Anya Russom National Coordinator M&E

Anya Russom

Anya grew up with a passion for wildlife conservation which she channelled into working at a zoo and volunteering with a wildlife rehabilitation organisation in Minnesota. She moved to Malawi in March 2015 as a Peace Corps Volunteer and was placed at Kuti Wildlife Reserve as a Community-based Natural Resource Management Volunteer. There, she lived in a rural village and worked with the twelve border communities surrounding Kuti on projects relating to environmental sustainability such as fuel briquettes, improved cookstoves, permagardening, and conservation education. In November 2016, she decided she loved Malawi too much to leave and decided to extend her two-year contract. She moved to LWT to become the National Education Coordinator where her primary projects have included M&E of LWT’s Conservation Education program, piloting an early childhood development teacher training program, and starting a community group to make jewellery from confiscated snare wire. 

Mayamiko Kafuwa Coordinator for Perivoli Schools Trust

Mayamiko Kafuwa

<p><span>A manager by profession, holder of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Her passion for children found her a job as a Trainer for Perivoli Schools Trust in Jan. 2017, and later a coordinator in October 2017.&nbsp;</span><span>She has a passion for education and has previously volunteered as a public Relations Officer and Administrator at Padziwe systems inc.&nbsp;</span><span>Her belief and efforts to make the earth a better planet makes her enjoy educating young citizens from their tender age to conserve the environment and make it better. Maya believes that improving the education sector starts with better education the foundation stage. Working with Perivoli makes her see her dream for better education even for the children who cannot afford exorbitant school fees come true.

Steve Makumba Project Manager

Steve Makumba

Steve Makumba is the project manager for our protected area environmental education programme (PEEP) for Kasungu. Steve joined Lilongwe Wildlife Trust in April 2017 as an environmental education coordinator for both Kasungu and Salima. He was recently promoted to the position of Project Manager following his hard work, success stories and academic qualifications. Steve has a bachelor’s in forestry from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR).

Frank Chimpango Project Manager

Frank Chimpango
Frank Chimpango is the project manager of our protected area environmental education programme in northern Malawi (PEEP North). Frank joined Lilongwe Wildlife Trust in 2015 as an education officer, managing urban schools and communities in Lilongwe, before being transferred and promoted to the environmental education manager for the north. Frank has also graduated with a bachelors in environmental science from the Malawi Poltechnic.


Beth Allen Field Research Assistant

Beth Allen
Beth studied Zoology at the University of Southampton, studying the effect of human-animal conflict as part of her dissertation paper. She continued this interest by working in several destinations worldwide, including South Africa, Indonesia and Thailand. Through these experiences she came to specialise in elephant ecology and is loving working as part of the LWT Research Team to not only study the elephants but to share her passion and enthusiasm with international volunteers, Malawians and anyone wanting to learn! She hopes to get the Elephants for Landscape project up and running as a successful part of the research branch within the trust.

Dr. Emma Stone Head of Research

Dr. Emma Stone

Emma is a Researcher at the University of Bristol and is the founder of Conservation Research Africa.  She has conducted a number of published research projects, specialising in bats and carnivores. Emma has worked in Africa since 1998 when she conducted research for three years in the remote Kafue National Park, Zambia, and then worked in a wildlife centre managing community education and outreach projects. Emma has been passionate about applied conservation biology in Africa, in particular resolving human-wildife conflicts and the impacts of environmental change using evidence based research.


Ian Redmond OBE Welfare and Research Advisor

Ian Redmond OBE

Ian Redmond is a tropical field biologist and conservationist, renowned for his work with great apes and elephants. He has served as Ambassador for the UN Year of the Gorilla in 2009 and for the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species since 2010.&nbsp; He worked closely with the late Dr Dian Fossey, and is an advisor for several leading conservation NGO’s.&nbsp; Amongst his many accolades, Ian was appointed OBE in 2006 and awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Oxford Brookes University in 2011.&nbsp; He is now an advisor on LWT’s&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; primate and elephant projects.

Neil Clark Enforcement Advisor

Neil Clark

Neil Clark previously headed up the specialist intelligence and anti-corruption unit at the Strathclyde police. With his extensive experience of working in criminal intelligence with UK law enforcement, Neil has shared his expertise in the context of tackling wildlife crime with a number of key partners in Southern Africa and is currently supporting LWT’s investigations work.

Hon. Chilenga Policy Advisor

Hon. Chilenga

Hon. Werani Chilenga is a Member of Parliament, Chair of the Parliamentary Natural Resource Committee and Co-Chair of the Malawi Parliamentary Conservation Caucus.  He has a wealth of experience in politics and is passionate about the conservation of Malawi's natural heritage.

Prof. Erica Lyman Legal Advisor and CITES Expert

Prof. Erica Lyman

Erica joined the International Environmental Law Project as the clinic’s first staff attorney and as a Clinical Professor in 2005. Erica travels extensively representing IELP and its clients on international environmental issues. She has traveled to Bangkok and to The Hague to participate in meetings of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) and to Geneva to represent clients at the CITES Standing Committee meeting. She has worked extensively with governments, non-governmental organizations, and international institutions on issues of international environmental importance. Erica’s practice area currently focuses on international wildlife trade, whaling, climate change, and other pressing international environmental matters. As the staff attorney and clinical professor for IELP, Erica serves as an instructor and mentor for IELP’s student law clerks. She has taught International Environmental Law and International Wildlife Law and publishes regularly in the field of international environmental law. She has supported Lilongwe Wildlife Trust since 2014 and co-authored the Illegal Wildlife Trust report.