We are incredibly grateful for the support of our donors and collaborating partners – past and present – who have made our work possible. A huge thanks also to the countless individuals who support us through volunteer placements, adoptions, memberships, donations and gifts in kind.

Conservation justice donors

We work closely with key stakeholders for an end to illegal wildlife trade and other environmental crimes.

Wildlife rescue, welfare and research donors

Our award-winning rescue and rehabilitation projects offer a lifeline to victims of wildlife crime and human-wildlife conflict. Projects within this programme area include the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, the Wildlife Emergency Response Unit and the Wildlife Welfare Unit.

Education donors

Our environmental education and community engagement work aims to inspire people to value and protect nature in Malawi. It delivers educational lessons, hands-on conservation projects and alternative livelihood initiatives to schools and communities across the country.

Advocacy donors

Our programme of campaigning, lobbying and advocacy seeks to drive behavioural, social and institutional change and help create a supportive environment for conservation initiatives.

General support

We are enormously grateful to those organisations and individuals who provide unrestricted income and gifts in kind to support our other areas of our work. Support of this nature is critical to our future.

Our thanks also go to: 
Central African Wilderness Safaris, DHL, EWP Associates and Skyband.

Past donors

  • Alliance One
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • CFAO
  • High Five Club
  • Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust
  • Perivoli Schools Trust
  • Kumar Associates
  • Premium Tobacco
  • Press Trust
  • Ryklow Trust
  • Taiwanese Forestry Bureau
  • Wilderness Wildlife Trust

Current partners

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust works in close collaboration with a number of organisations that share our vision of a future in which Malawi’s wildlife and wild places can thrive. We are thankful for their commitment and partnership.

Other partners

  • Various embassies and consulates, including the British High Commission, the Chinese Embassy and the German Embassy
  • The Office Of The President and Cabinet
  • Malawi Parliamentary Conservation Caucus
  • Other government agencies
  • Bishop Mackenzie International School
  • CAYO
  • Mount Mulanje Conservation Trust
  • Nyika-Vwaza Trust (Malawi)
  • Scotland-Malawi Partnership
  • Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi