Our vision

A future in which Malawi’s wildlife and wild places can thrive.


Our mission

 To save wildlife, campaign for conservation justice and inspire people to value and protect nature in Malawi.

Why we exist

Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries where most people rely on natural resources to survive. Environmental threats are more pressing than ever before. Forests and woodlands are disappearing. Animal habitats are shrinking. A changing climate is putting food security and human health at risk. But our approach shows that change is possible. By tackling some of the most urgent challenges from different angles and by joining forces with individuals and organisations across society we can make a difference – for both people and wildlife. Whether it’s partnering with other NGOs to rescue wild animals from traps and snares, supporting government departments to create stronger environmental policies or working with communities to teach children the value and power of nature, we know that together, we are stronger.

Our story

LWT started out in 2008 by opening the doors to what is still Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary. Most of our first animal residents were rescued from a run-down zoo in the capital city, Lilongwe. Since then we’ve grown from a single facility into one of the country’s leading conservation charities with an international reputation for high impact and world-class standards.

Wildlife rescue and welfare will always be at the heart of our work. But the challenges facing the natural world in Malawi have become more complex and more pressing since our early days. There is also an increasing awareness that conservation is not just about protecting animals and habitats, but is inextricably linked to human health and wellbeing.

As a result, we’ve widened our focus and created an even bigger network of partners. We’re building links across Malawi with communities, politicians, students, volunteers and researchers. We’re also bringing together supporters from around the globe who share our ambition to protect the natural world. We’re increasing our focus on behavioural change and on shaping the policies that protect Malawi’s wildlife and wild places. Only by protecting nature can we guarantee a safe and prosperous future for both people and wildlife. We’re here to help create that future.

We strive for the best of operational standards, reflected in our many awards and accreditations. We are a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Malawi representative for the Species Survival Network and the founding member of the Conservation Council supporting the Malawi Parliamentary Conservation Caucus.  Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is also the only wildlife sanctuary in the world to hold accreditations from GFAS, PASA and the Born Free Foundation, and has also received a Responsible Tourism Award for ‘Best for Conservation of Wildlife and Habitats’.