Wildlife Centre receives orphaned animals all year round, the months between November and February are known as orphan season, due to the high number of baby animals we see coming into the Centre.

November/December is the beginning of the rainy season and is the time that vervets, baboons and other animals are born. Inevitably, some of these animals will end up orphaned, often due to predation or being run over, and others will be sold for the bushmeat and pet trades. It is then that they are rescued and brought to us at the Wildlife Centre.

This year has already seen an early influx of orphans, including a baby vervet called Kumbali, a baboon called Fox and a number of baby duikers. These young animals – particularly the primates – need round-the-clock care. Although we do operate a hands-off policy unless absolutely necessary, babies need special care until they can be introduced to a foster mother, offering a unique experience for volunteers.

As you can see, caring for orphans is hard, time-consuming work, and we need your help! This orphan season, we are offering 25% off all sanctuary placements until February 28, 2019*. As well as orphan care**, volunteers may have the opportunity to get involved in animal husbandry, vet clinic support, observations, rehabilitation, integrations and education and community outreach.

Please email lilongwewildlife@gmail.com for more information or to book your placement.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

* Excludes vet externships, research placements, courses and bookings already made
**While we do everything we can to ensure volunteers have the experience they desire, due to the unpredictable nature of animal care and rehabilitation, we cannot guarantee hands-on orphan care work