On this International Day of Education, we’re excited to share that our environmental education content will soon be part of the national curriculum!

Inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders has always been at the heart of our mission. Thanks to the support of Born Free Foundation and Nyika Vwaza Trust, we’re now thrilled to take this work to the next level by working with the Malawi Institute of Education to incorporate our education content into the national primary school curriculum.

We’ve been developing a teachers’ resource book and learners’ manual, adapted from our environmental education modules. Themes include wildlife conservation and welfare, human-wildlife conflict, wildlife crime, biodiversity, forest management, water management, waste management and climate change.

Today’s learners will be critical to our country’s development over the next decade. They’ll be making personal, business and political decisions which could halt the tide of environmental degradation that is stripping Malawi of its economic, social and ecological potential, threatening both natural resources and human development.

We’re thankful to Nyika Vwaza Trust and Born Free Foundation 
for their support of this initiative.