We recently received an emergency call about an injured elephant spotted in Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve with a debilitating snare on its foot.

Our Wildlife Emergency Response Unit took to the air to dart the elephant safely. We also took the opportunity to dart two elephants for tracking collars donated by Remembering Wildlife. Everything went smoothly as we collared two large bulls. We’re excited to begin collecting data that will deepen our understanding of elephant movements across the landscape.

We were also able to treat the snared elephant successfully, removing all wire and treating the wounds. While in Vwaza, we also spotted another young elephant with a snare, which wildlife capture specialist Derek McPherson managed to dart so that we could treat. We’re confident that both elephants will make speedy recoveries.

Then last week we returned to Vwaza to remove yet another snare. So, all in all, a couple of successful missions: two elephants collared and three elephants saved from potentially fatal snare injuries.

This is just one of many animals the Wildlife Emergency Response Unit has treated recently. We urgently need your support to continue providing this care – please click here if you would like to make a donation.

We’re thankful to Remembering Wildlife for contributing funding to our elephant research in Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve and to Olsen Animal Trust and Born Free Foundation for their long-running support of the unit.